People need to deal with a lot in today’s world when it comes to guarding their kids against misinformation or potentially harmful information online.

Parents who want to learn more about the tech and programming industry may find these channels particularly useful. It will be easier and safer for families to navigate the online space if they stay informed and updated about the latest tech trends.

Time To Parent

The host of this podcast, Julie Morgenstern, is both an author and a motivational speaker when it comes to family issues. Her book ‘’Time To Parent” is a revelation for parents who are struggling to understand or navigate family life in these times.

The author discusses how parenting can be like a job description and how to plan your daily routine when you are struggling to balance work and family life. She examines the potential roadblocks that parents may face when working from home or sitting in the office and offers step-by-step guidelines to manage your daily family affairs better.


This podcast is entertained by experienced childcare professionals Liz Gumbinner and Kristen Chase. The hosts often welcome other professionals to talk about relevant parenting topics. Many parents want to find more ways to connect with their family without using technology, and they offer parents advice on how to manage this issue in modern times.

They draw on their experience to ask questions that matter to their listeners. The hosts also talk about how parents can incorporate screens and other tech devices into a household in trendy ways.

These podcasts offer parents some advice when it comes to navigating the world of tech trends and social media upheaval. Users can subscribe to this channel if they want to find more useful parenting advice in an ever-evolving digital world.