Class: RubyJS.Object

Defined in: lib/corelib/

Direct Known Subclasses

RubyJS.Array, RubyJS.Base, RubyJS.Enumerator, RubyJS.Hash, RubyJS.MatchData, RubyJS.Numeric, RubyJS.Range, RubyJS.Regexp, RubyJS.String, RubyJS.Time

Class Method Summary

Instance Method Summary

Class Method Details

+ (void) include(mixin, replace = false)

+ (void) __add_default_aliases__(proto)

Adds default aliases to symbol method names.


Aliases used throughout RubyJS

  <<  append
  ==  equals
  === equal_case
  <=> cmp
  %   modulo
  +   plus
  -   minus
  *   multiply
  **  exp
  /   divide

Useage, at the end of your class:

  class Foo extends RubyJS.Object
     # ...

Instance Method Details

- (void) send(method_name, args...)

- (void) respond_to(method_name)

- (void) to_enum(iter = "each", args...)

- (void) tap(block)