Class: RubyJS.Comparable

Defined in: lib/corelib/


The Comparable mixin is used by classes whose objects may be ordered. The class must define the <=> operator, which compares the receiver against another object, returning -1, 0, or +1 depending on whether the receiver is less than, equal to, or greater than the other object. If the other object is not comparable then the <=> operator should return nil. Comparable uses <=> to implement the conventional comparison operators (<, <=, ==, >=, and

) and the method between?.

Class Method Summary

Instance Method Summary

Class Method Details

+ (void) cmp(a, b)

Equivalent of calling R(a).cmp(b) but faster for natives.

+ (void) cmpstrict(a, b)

Same as cmp, but throws ArgumentError if it cannot coerce elements.

Instance Method Details

- (void) '<'(other)

'-instance'> - (void) '>'(other)

- (void) '<='(other)

='-instance'> - (void) '>='(other)

- (void) between(min, max)

Returns false if obj <=> min is less than zero or if anObject <=> max is greater than zero, true otherwise.

R(3).between(1, 5)               # => true
R(6).between(1, 5)               # => false
R(3).between(3, 3)               # => true
R('cat').between('ant', 'dog')   # => true
R('gnu').between('ant', 'dog')   # => false