RubyJS now free and MIT licensed

RubyJS is a port of the Ruby corelib to JavaScript. It’s similar to underscore/lodash/sugarjs in that it adds many methods that are missing in JS. It’s not about the Ruby syntax or a coffeescript alternative, just about the standard library.

Initial plan

The initial plan was to go with a MIT license. However at one point I was obsessed with RubyJS and wanted to work full time on it. Charging for commercial use would allow me to do that, I thought. But there’s only a few libraries that could make this system work. I hoped RubyJS could become one of these exceptions, but the conclusions of numerous discussions is that it most probably won’t.

Don’t swim against the current

It doesn’t make sense to swim against the current. So after a week full of discussions with rubyists and JS developers, I decided to switch back to an MIT open source license. Accept reality, fail fast, fail early.

No hard feelings

No hard feelings, I knew charging for a JS library was controversial and a ballsy move. I learned a lot, debated a lot and increased my comfort zone quite a bit. And so I’m back into consulting mode. Available for hire.

Go get it

Go get it:

Check the getting started guide, or the api docs. Try it in your Firebug/webdev console.

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